Therapy for Your Hair!

Ever thought your hair could use a little makeover? Well look no more, with Kashmir Keratin's Hair Therapy Serum, your hair will be looking better then ever! This serum, unlike other products out there, isn't oil based, so applying it to wet hair, that you plan on applying heat to, isn't a problem! In fact, applying heat helps to activate the keratin and other proteins that will help keep your hair healthy and smooth, against elements of the environments, such as UV rays, the sun, or even straight heat. If you had gotten our Keratin treatment done, applying the Serum will help you against the salt and sun. Also, a real kicker; the heat from the blowdryer or flat iron won't cause you to cough on smoke! Even if you apply it to dry hair, or wet hair that isn't getting heat applied, your hair will still thank you, in the form of looking amazing. Using the teensiest bit of this product will do two amazing things; help repair split ends and prevent frizz! So in the end, you may be thanking your hair.