"These products make me feel more confident about my hair My girlfriend had me try Kashmir Keratin  products. I suffer from psoriasis and she wouldn't stop raving about this stuff so I thought why not give it a shot. I couldn't believe how different my hair felt after using it just one time. It was like night and day. I've been growing my hair out over the last year partly because I've always wanted long hair and partly to hide the dry skin on my scalp. After using Kashmir Keratin shampoo and hair mask, I noticed the dandruff caused by my psoriasis had diminished greatly. It's really difficult being embarrassed about your skin and even worse when you have to worry about your hair also. These products make me feel more confident about my hair. My hair is soft and shiny and I can't stop telling my friends how amazing these products are. Usually when my girlfriend buys hair products from beauty stores like Sephora, she gets these tiny sized shampoos and conditioners. I am all for paying for quality but I was really impressed with the size of Kashmir's products. You really are getting your money's worth, not just in size but in results. I told my girlfriend to throw everything else out and that's exactly what we did because Kashmir Keratin all we need."


"It looks and feels amazing I can't say enough good things about Kashmir Keratin hair products. I started with just the shampoo and really that's all I needed to be instantly addicted. The shampoo transformed my hair immediately after the first use. I could even feel the difference in the shower. My hair felt like I had just used conditioner, but all I had done was use the shampoo! That's all it took for my hair to feel soft and healthier right away. I suffer from what I call combination hair. It gets pretty oily on top and dry at the ends. I find myself washing my hair more often than necessary and mainly that's because I don't want to use dry shampoo between washes. When I heard about Kashmir's  Deep Keratin Shampoo, which is meant for those of us with oily hair, I was really excited because this line is geared to what makes my hair so problematic. The best part after using this line is that it doesn't sacrifice any of the moisture necessary to make hair feel soft as it rids excess oil. Now, I don't have to worry about what my hair will look like the day after I wash it. It looks and feels amazing. My thin hair looks voluminous and my waves are defined, not frizzy. It's wonderful having something that makes life a little easier and makes me feel happy to let my hair flow free. The hair mask is great because you can use it as a regular conditioner or leave it in hair longer to deep condition. The serum works amazingly well at keeping hair smooth and shiny without weighing it down. I usually stay away from conditioners and serums because my hair is so thin and I find it looking too oily when I use those types of products, but with Kashmir Keratin I don't have to worry about that. The best part is the products are sulphate and paraben-free, which is something I look for in any beauty product. It's hard to find things that aren't harmful for you and that also work so well. I would recommend Kashmir Keratin  to anyone I know because it works and at the end of the day, that's what matters."


"Such an amazing product! "Just recently starting using the shampoo and the mask conditioner and did notice a difference on my hair. A little amount of the shampoo created a rich silky lather and the mask made my hair feel silky and soft. Can't wait to start using the serum as well. Great job to Kashmir keratin for bringing us such an amazing product!"

Janet Medina Flores,